Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Running Up The Alps

So we started our first free weekend in awesome spirits, as in practically skipping. 
Ross, Will and I were going to Campodolcino for the World Mountain Running Championships. Campodolcino is a tiny town a little bit north of Chiavenna, Italy. Right in the Alps.
It's actually just east of Riva, but there's a string of Alps in the way, and so we had to go around.
It was the first time we were just let loose on Europe, no chaperones, outlined plans, and just a couple people. 
Ready, Set, Lunch, the Go.
That's right, we had to stay for lunch before leaving. I don't know if I've talked about the food here too in depth. It's amazing. 
So right after lunch, we packed our backpacks and hiked off to the train station (after a quick gelato stop-- but they didn't have the menta, so I refrained)
We jumped on a train to Como, which is just south of us. The ride down was pretty fun, the boys were pretty impressed (or disgusted, not sure which) at my ability to eat a whole chocolate bar in one sitting. 
We got to Como, and the plan 
was to take a ferry up to Bellagio and stay there for one night.
Plan accomplished.
 The Ferry was so nice, and if you ever have the choice between ferry, train, or bus, and the ferry is a little more expensive? It's worth it! The view was absolutely amazing. It was actually then that I realized, I forgot my camera!! Duh!
So any pictures you see from this post are Wills. I owe him all the photocredits. 
As you can see, I ate my lunch on the ferry, and it was pretty awesome. The weather was perfect, not too hot, but not cold either. Our ferry was a pretty nice one as well, with wooden benches, old fashioned tables, and a bar inside. It was gorgeous. 
The ferry ride was about 2 hours long, even
 though it felt more like 30 minutes. We stopped at a million little towns all up and down lake Como. Not that I'm complaining, the view was Gorgeous!

Somehow Will found a minute or two to catch a quick nap on the 
way to Bellagio. 
And since this post will span he whole trip (more than one day) you might see will napping more than once this post. Typical. 

As you can see the weather was awesome, and being in the sun made it even better. 

So we arrived in Bellagio, were greeted by this fabulous little statue (not quite sure what it sayd about Bellagio in general...maybe it's a 'city of love'?), and then we went straight to work. We had to find a hotel--this whole week was about winging it. 
I know it's a little crazy to go somewhere and not have anything booked or reserved, but this is Europe, right? that's what you do- just GO. 
That's exactly what we did. The boys and I got this tiny hotel room, passed out that night, and then got up in the morning. We explored that whole day and then left on the ferry again the next morning headed up to Chiavenna and Campodolcino. 
We got to Chiavenna pretty early and just explored the city. We hiked up to the Park Paradiso which had an old keep at the top and a great view (of course we stopped on the way up to split a bottle of wine, this IS Italy after all!)

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